Chrissie Gittins
'very warm, very inviting, very mysterious poetry. Chrissie has a very tender sight,'
Moniza Alvi

'an important, imaginative, totally original contribution to modern poetry,'
Sheila Hancock

'She is a gifted writer,'
Patricia Routledge

'Chrissie Gittins knows just what words can do: she makes them dance, sing, sit still for a moment and then leap across the page with joy!'
Ian McMillan

'a lot of ripe good ones,'
John Hegley

'A striking play ... deftly written,'
Kate Kellaway, The Observer

'most of (her stories) carry an insidiously discomforting charge,'
Nicholas Clee, The Guardian

'For gentle but often surreal language, little people should sit cross-legged on the carpet with a copy of Chrissie Gittins's latest poetry collection,'
Helen Brown, The Telegraph

‘a true original … she has a genuine gift,’
Jane Yeh, Poetry Review

‘a wonderful collection,’
Jon Snow

‘a voice refusing to be pinned down,’
Moniza Alvi

‘a great sense of humour, an ear for what life sounds like,’
Helen Dunmore

‘weird, interesting and humorous poems that will bear repeated visits,’ Roger Stevens, Poetry Zone website

‘a McGough-like flair for idiomatic surrealism,’
Michael Thorn, TES

‘I very much enjoyed reading your collection of children’s poetry,’
Estelle Morris

‘I thought you read beautifully'
Michael Stewart, Director Huddersfield Literature Festival.

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Poem 'Day To Celebrate You Leaving Home' published in the Picador anthology 'Empty Nest' edited by Carol Ann Duffy.
Empty Nest

Poem 'Holi' published in the Macmillan anthology 'A Poem For Every Spring Day' edited by Allie Esiri.
A Poem For Every Spring Day

Poem 'Mayfly May' published in the Emma Press anthology 'The Bee is not Afraid of Me: A Book Of Insect Poems' edited by Fran Long and Isabel Galleymore.
The Bee is not Afraid of Me

Poem 'Day To Celebrate You Leaving Home' published in the Trapeze anthology 'Night Feeds and Morning Songs' edited by Ana Sampson.
Night Feeds and Morning Songs

Poem 'My Dad’s More Embarrassing Than Your Dad' published in the Macmillan anthology 'The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems' chosen by Brian Moses.
The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems

Poem 'A Light-Bulb Moment' published in the Macmillan anthology 'Shaping The World' chosen by Liz Brownlee.
Shaping The World


6th March
Reading for Silver Street Poetry 12-1.30pm, at Hours, 10 Colston Yard, Bristol BS1 5BD.

18th April
Poem 'Waiting' selected for the 'WRITING where we are NOW' project hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University and curated by Carol Ann Duffy.

20th April
Poem 'Super People' selected for the 'WRITING where we are NOW' project hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University and curated by Carol Ann Duffy.

22nd May
Poem 'Last Night' published in the online magazine PERVERSE - for 'deliberate, obstinate, unreasonable or unacceptable poems'.

25th May
Vimeo of a short monologue 'A Piece of My Skirt' Chrissie wrote about Mary Hindle from Haslingden who was involved in the 1826 loom breaking riots. The monologue was one of 25 winners selected from over 1,000 entries to the Popelei 'Women in Lockdown' seed commission. |

31st May
Three poems published in The Blue Nib magazine.

Poems 'Otter' and 'Lark' published in the Nosy Crow anthology 'Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!' selected by Fiona Waters.
'Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!

Poem 'Three' published in the Dorling Kindersley anthology 'A World Full of Poems' selected by Sylvia Vardell.
A World Full of Poems

Poem 'Corbel Angel, Southwold Museum' published in the Oneworld anthology 'Places of Poetry' selected by Andrew McRae.
Places of Poetry

11th November
7.30pm Zoom event with Wendy French for Readings from 'Sharp Hills' and 'Bread Without Butter'. Please email Irena Hill at to receive an invitation the day before.

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